ONLINE MENU                   updated 05.31.2021

1. Lower price than other delivery companies.

2. No additional unknown charges on your order.

3. We will take care of your food. You can directly call us if there is an issue.

We can provide direct price and better quality than other companies

Orders for pick up only. 


Planning a special event, but dreading the meal preparation ? 

Then let our restaurants do the work for you and enjoy your own party.

Catering menu


Gyoza (Deep fried pork, dumpling)                                          $50 (80 pieces)

Salad (Peanut butter dressing)                                                  $50 (large tray)

Tempura (Shrimp, Kabocha, Carrot, Sweet potato)                      $100 (large tray)

Rice or Miso soup                                                                 $50 (large tray)


Chicken Teriyaki                                                                    $90 (15 lbs)

Salmon Teriyaki                                                                     $180 (15 lbs)


          # A     ---    $200                                                             

Dragon roll, Red Dragon roll, 49ers roll

Summer roll, Rainbow roll

(5 kinds, each 40 pieces, total 200 pieces)

          # B     ---    $350                                                             

Dragon roll, Red Dragon roll, 49ers roll

Summer roll, Rainbow roll, Mexican roll

California roll, Spicy Tuna roll,

Tempura roll

(9 kinds, each 40 pieces, total 360 pieces)


          # A     ---    $200                                                             

Tuna, Salmon, Albacore, Snapper

Water Eel, Egg, Cooked Shrimp

(7 kinds, each 14 pieces, total 98 pieces)

          # B     ---    $300                                                             

Tuna, Salmon, Albacore, Snapper,

Yellow Tail, Water Eel, Egg,

Cooked Shrimp, Soy Bean Cake,

Squid, Octopus

(11 kinds, each 14 pieces, total 154 pieces)

Weekdays special gift certificate

Yojimbo provide new gift certificate.

Get 10% discount for $50 gift certificate

Get 15% discount for $100 gift certificate
(Use this special item for Monday thru Thursday, 11am - 4pm. Dine in or Take out)

This is good for weekdays lunch customers.

Students, Company or our regular customers.

Please contact us when you have any question